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Hello, my name is Anton.

I’ve been working for a while on my SPH-based airfoil simulation based on CUDA. Generally, I’m using Tero Karras’ approach to find collisions between particles as fast as possible.

I’ve got some promising results. Particularly I can process up to 2’097’152 particles in real-time in 2D on 1080 TI at ~12 FPS. The physics part itself is not fully complete yet, but it’s not the most performance-critical part of the simulation to be focused on right now.

I’d like to share either the current or further results with the community. Is it possible to publish a post or an article on in the future?

The Tero Karras’ approach: (original paper) (brief explanation)

The simulation video:

Hi Anton,

Thanks for posting. I am going to share this with one of the folks here at Nvidia that help with the blog content.
He might reach out to you here in the forum or in a private message.