Publish rate in ros_deep_learning video_source

I am using video_source node from ros_deep_learning package. The default publish rate is 30Hz, i was wondering how can I reduce this rate to a lower value. Thanks!

Hi @tom.nqduc, please see the framerate parameter of the video_source node:

It would appear that you’ll need to add this setting to the launch files or manually set it from the command line. And if it doesn’t have an impact on your camera (perhaps your camera doesn’t natively support that lower-framerate mode), then you might add a sleep() call to the video_source node before it captures the frame.

Thanks for the reply. Indeed the imx 219 camera does not support lower frame rate but I have use the throttler from topic_tools package in ROS to limit the publishing rate. Many thanks @dusty_nv! You can close the topic

OK thanks @tom.nqduc, glad you were able to get it working!

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