Publish snapshot artifacts to azure devops artifacts

I have a Gradle build set up in Azure DevOps, which compiles the code in an Azure DevOps git repository, then publishes the generated JARs (as Maven artifacts) to Azure Artifacts, as explained here. Code in other Azure DevOps git repositories can then reference these components as dependencies. This is fine for formal releases of these components (with unique version numbers), but I also need a way to get this working for in-progress snapshot releases. The problem is that I cannot publish an artifact with the same version number (e.g. 1.2.3-SNAPSHOT) more than once. This seems to be because packages in Azure are immutable.

From my understanding, that would mean that Azure Artifacts cannot be used to store in-progress snapshot artifacts. Is that correct?

If it is, is there any alternative that still uses Azure DevOps? I can see that I can publish artifacts to Azure Blob Storage, but presumably this is something you have to pay for on top of existing use of Azure Artifacts. I can also see that there’s a number of GitHub Maven plugins for treating a GitHub repo as a Maven repo, but I can’t find anything similar for using an Azure DevOps repo as a place to publish Maven artifacts.