publishing a GPU library under GPL is this possible with CUDA?

Hello people

i have finnished writing a library.
Of course, im using CUDA to execute on the GPU the algorithms which are parallel and OpenGL to render / handle some gpu-side data structures.
is my first time i would publish licensed software, some details may be unknown to me, but what i am sure of is that i want to release this library as Open Source and Free to everyone, in the way GPL does.
Today I have just finnished putting the corresponding copyrights and texts in every source file, however i am a little worried if GPL is actually possible for my library?

can i release it?? i really like CUDA i hope this is compatible.

thanks in advance

After asking in other places
i got the answer that yes it is possible.

your are so great and you are my idol!

FYI, GPL is fairly restrictive. In practice it prevents people from ever shipping your code as part of a
product because many companies do not want to publish your source code along with their product.

BSD or Apache licenses don’t have this particular issue.

Depending on what your goals are, either style of license may make sense, I just wanted to point
out that there are options.