Publishing rotation Static transform

Hello ,

I want to publish a static transform, rotated a certain amount from a link.
I tried using ROS2PublishRawTransformTree , not sure how to set the rotation port.
What node can I use to generate a fixed rotation ?


Hello All,
Just to clarify , I want to achieve the equivalent of the following command in an action graph
ros2 run tf2_ros static_transform_publisher 0 0 0 0 0 -1.571 Camera_IMU_1 Camera_IMU_1_rot
this creates a frame “Camera_IMU_1_rot” which is rotated -90 deg on the X axis from Camera_IMU_1.

To publish a static transform with a specific rotation, use the tf2_ros package’s StaticTransformBroadcaster class. Specify the rotation using a geometry_msgs.msg.Quaternion message.