Pull resistors

Does the Jetson Nano require pull resistors when wiring up simple switches to the GPIO? Notably when the switch is depressed the pin on the J41 header will float unless there is something on the Jetson board similar to what is on the Raspberry Pi. I cannot infer from the users manual they are needed.

hello chris.dannemiller,

suggest you refer to Topic 1049116 to have more details about Jetson Nano’s GPIO.

As stated in the original post I know that the GPIO header is compatible with the Raspberry Pi. However, what I haven’t been able to find is confirmation that there are Pull resistors on the GPIO of the Jetson Nano. The API you provided seems to tacitly imply that Pull Resistors are present, but it doesn’t qualify what pins are PU/PD and the values. To contrast on the TX2 the following document is available, however I have found no such document for the Nano. The relevant pages for this discussion are 26-27.

Jetson TX2 Developer Kit Carrier Board Specification

Such documentation is helpful in the design of circuits to ensure that the Jetson Nano is properly protected.

Hi chris.dannemiller,

We’ll be releasing the hardware docs for the Nano module and design files for the reference carrier board later in June, closer to production release of the module.