Purple and Green Artifacts with Sekonix Camera and BAE exposure

I’m facing strong color artifacts with my Sekonix SF3325-100 at the boundaries between light and dark areas when the movement in the image is high. They occur only when the exposure is set to BAE. I have observed this with two different sensors of the same type so I have ruled out that one of them is simply broken.
See here: https://imgur.com/a/udBbdta While the frame was taken the camera was moved to the right.
The sensor is started with the parameters “camera-count=1,camera-mask=0001,camera-type=ar0231-rccb-bae-sf3325,cross-csi-sync=0,csi-port=ab,fifo-size=3,output-format=yuv,slave=0”

Does anybody know where they come from?
Some combination of RCCB->RGB conversion and HDR maybe?
Are there ways to avoid them (other than changing the exposure to AE)?

Dear nbussas,
Could you please share the PDK version and DW sample application. So that we can reproduce it on our side.

PDK version is
DW version is 1.2.400
I didn’t use a sample but “GMSL Camera Capture Sample” looks similar enough.

Dear nbussas,
Could you check if this issue exists even on outside(road) conditions not inside office premises?

I’m a bit limited in that regard but here are two frames from very close to the window.
With the exception of the reflection on the window there shouldn’t be any artificial light. So that’s the best I can give you. In the first image the camera movement is downwards, in the second it’s up.

Dear nbussas,
It is expected when using cameras in BAE mode. It happens around the areas of the image with sharp brighness change and quick movement.