Purpose Force recovery button

Dear All,

I use the power on and reset via the automation header and it works fine.

What is the purpose of the force button?, and how is it usable via the automation header.
Nothing happens when i push it (for a longer time)

Best Regards Ruud

Recovery mode causes the Jetson to become a custom USB device. Only the “driver package”, which runs on a host PC for flash, understands this (JetPack/SDK Manager is a front end to the driver package).

If the recovery button is held down while powering up (or resetting) the unit goes into recovery mode (like holding a shift key down for a capital letter). Recovery mode in itself does nothing to modify or change the Jetson unless the driver package runs flash operations on it.

HI @r.v.d.bogaert could you please share some data regarding how you turned on and off AGX by using Automation Header