Purpose of central clearance holes in AGX dev kit board?

Hi y’all,

I noticed that the M3 clearance holes at the corners of the underside of my AGX dev kit provide access to M3 threads in the dev kit heat sink, which is convenient for fastening a mount to the dev kit. However, the 3 M3 clearance holes in the middle of the board don’t lead to any thread in the heat sink. I was wondering what the purpose of these central clearance holes could be? Here’s a picture of the holes - the ones at the corners circled in green lead to thread in the heat sink while the central ones circled in red do not.

I was hoping to use these central clearance holes to secure an e-con camera board, but with no thread behind the holes, they seem hard to use for anything. There is a small amount of space between the board and the heat sink, so it might be possible to fit a thin M3 nut in that space, but I would have to remove the board from the heat sink in order to put a nut there, so this doesn’t seem like a good idea.

What is the purpose of these central clearance holes, and can they be effectively used to mount anything to the board? Thanks!

The holes are for some possible sub board mounting. You can use it as wish only if the space is available.

Thanks Trumany. Could you elaborate on how it might be possible to use these clearance holes for sub-board mounting? Without any corresponding threads in the heat sink, I don’t see how these holes would be used for mounting components to the AGX.


Could you please specify the e-con camera name you’re planning to use with AGX dev kit?

Sure. I’m using 2 of the e-CAM130A_CUXVR cameras.

Please solder a spacer with thread to use those mounting holes for the camera sub board.

Please refer to the attached image.

Thanks for the suggestion Dharmalingam! I hadn’t considered modifying the board like that, but using a solder nut or standoff as you mentioned does seem like the best way to use those clearance holes for mounting to the AGX board.

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