Purpose of converting dtb to dts while flashing


In the below funtion we found like dtb is converted to dts while flashing the source code with the AGX SoM . So, could you please explain why dtb is converted to dts while flashing?

#Convert the DTB to DTSI
def tegraflash_bpmp_generate_int_dtsi(bpmp_dtb_dir, bpmp_dtb_path):
( In the tegraflash_internal.py file )

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This is bpmp dtb but not the kernel/bootloader dtb you are using. So no need to worry about this.

Hi ,
Thanks for replay

yes , we know this is bpmp related , as per our understanding it is going to read emc strapid .
Can we know purpose of reading this value?

We have lots of kind of AGX xaiver and they use different kind of DRAMs due to the PCN update.

And it needs the EMC strap pin from hardware to know which software configuration is needed.

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