Put jetson nano in recovery mode

I have read documentation and couple of post regarding how to put jetson nano in recovery mode. However, the posts and pictures posted in this forum does not match with my jetson nano. So far this is I have done.

  1. put an empty formatted sd card in the slot.
  2. connected board with the host computer with micro usb port.

And now I am confused what exactly to do to got to recovery mode.

at this stage If I remove the jumper from ‘J48’ pin then the green light turns on by the side of micro usb port in the board. Then the nvidia logo shows in connected monitor. But that is not recovery mode but usb is working as power source. So can anyone tell me the exact sequence to put jetson nano in recovery mode? Here is the picture of my board.

The older a02 revision carrier board had only one CSI connector, whereas the one you are working with is a b01 revision. The header which you will find under the module (which is subtle, you have to look for it), sandwiched between the module and carrier board nearest to the end with the CSI connectors, but along that back long edge, contains the pins you need to access.

Basically there is a recovery pin, and a ground on one side next to it. This works like a “shift key” on a keyboard…if you hold it down while powering up or cycling power, then the Jetson starts in recovery mode (you simply short/jumper the pin to ground pin next to it until power is applied, and then remove the jumper).

Recovery mode does not actually make changes, but it does turn the Jetson into a custom USB device which flash software understands.

There is a post with a list of various URLs here:

You would be interested in this:

Here is where you can download almost any document (you might need to go there, log in, and then go there again if redirect fails):

This document may be of interest since this considers using the SDK Manager. Understand that there are actually two models of Jetsons, one runs from the SD card and is provided with the development kit, and another model is sold as module only and uses eMMC instead of SD card. Much of the information is the same for either, but with the SD card model you can perform certain steps directly on the SD card rather than flashing, or you can flash. The eMMC model can only flash. The document:

This link has some general information:

More detail on the recovery pin is that this is connector J14, pins 9 and 10. If you face the long edge of the carrier board on the side opposite to where most of the connectors are you will see a single row header between carrier board and module. This has a silkscreen marking pins. Looking at the edge under the module the left end will be pin 1, and the right side (closest to the standoff holding the module) will have a marking for “PWR BTN”. Just left of that is a pin marked “GND”. If the unit were off and you momentarily shorted those two, then the Nano would power up. The two pins to the left of this are for recovery mode button and another ground. Shorting those as power is applied or reset means the Jetson will be in recovery mode. I think that particular header is probably the same on both a02 and b01 revisions.

Many many thanks for such detailed and nicely explained reply. I will go through every line and will try to perform my task and get back with update.

Thanks again @linuxdev :))