PVA Progammable Vision Accelerators on Xavier


Are there are any documents, samples, reports or slightly detailed information about the PVA accelerators in Xavier? So far I’ve only found a few marketing slides.

Shervin Emami.

Hi Shervin, support for the Vision Accelerator will be coming in a future release of JetPack, stay tuned.

Any updates on that issue? Does Jetpack4.2 support it? those below features are available?

Optimised offloading of imaging
vision algorithms feature detection
& matching, stereo, optical flow


update ?

Can someone give at least rough estimate when software support for Vision Accelerator will be available in JetPack?

Hi cvetkovicdusan, support for the Vision Accelerator will be enabled in the next JetPack release, tentatively planned for around the end of this year.