PVD Crashes on Startup

I just downloaded PVD with the intent of trying it with UE4 to debug a few things. However it continuously crashes on startup, despite being reinstalled and restarting my computer. Here is the callstack:

A Program Fault occurred:
Address: 0x0000000000000000
Flags: 0x00000000


Can’t resolve function name at 0x0
*** 0 called from 0x0000000000000000 STACK 0x000000B26C15C298 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF4338A950
function: DumpRegistryKeyDefinitions at 0x7FFF4338A950
*** 1 called from 0x00007FFF4338A950 STACK 0x000000B26C15C2A0 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF4337C4B4
function: DumpRegistryKeyDefinitions at 0x7FFF4337C4B4
*** 2 called from 0x00007FFF4337C4B4 STACK 0x000000B26C15CCC0 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF43361A34
function: DrvDescribePixelFormat at 0x7FFF43361A34
*** 3 called from 0x00007FFF43361A34 STACK 0x000000B26C15DCF0 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF5384AD47
function: wglSwapMultipleBuffers at 0x7FFF5384AD47
*** 4 called from 0x00007FFF5384AD47 STACK 0x000000B26C15DD40 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF53864F79
function: wglDescribePixelFormat at 0x7FFF53864F79
*** 5 called from 0x00007FFF53864F79 STACK 0x000000B26C15E3C0 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF53864335
function: wglChoosePixelFormat at 0x7FFF53864335
*** 6 called from 0x00007FFF53864335 STACK 0x000000B26C15E4F0 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF9C048369
function: ChoosePixelFormat at 0x7FFF9C048369
*** 7 called from 0x00007FFF9C048369 STACK 0x000000B26C15E5A0 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF551CEAC0
Can’t resolve function name at 0x7FFF551CEAC0
*** 8 called from 0x00007FFF551CEAC0 STACK 0x000000B26C15E5D0 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF551CD1B2
Can’t resolve function name at 0x7FFF551CD1B2
*** 9 called from 0x00007FFF551CD1B2 STACK 0x000000B26C15E720 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF551CE7B6
Can’t resolve function name at 0x7FFF551CE7B6
*** 10 called from 0x00007FFF551CE7B6 STACK 0x000000B26C15E9E0 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF5519C66B
Can’t resolve function name at 0x7FFF5519C66B
*** 11 called from 0x00007FFF5519C66B STACK 0x000000B26C15EA80 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF5519CF9A
Can’t resolve function name at 0x7FFF5519CF9A
*** 12 called from 0x00007FFF5519CF9A STACK 0x000000B26C15EAE0 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF5519C8C9
Can’t resolve function name at 0x7FFF5519C8C9
*** 13 called from 0x00007FFF5519C8C9 STACK 0x000000B26C15EB10 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF551917FA
Can’t resolve function name at 0x7FFF551917FA
*** 14 called from 0x00007FFF551917FA STACK 0x000000B26C15EB40 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF5519C2D2
Can’t resolve function name at 0x7FFF5519C2D2
*** 15 called from 0x00007FFF5519C2D2 STACK 0x000000B26C15EC00 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF43E35F23
function: QWindowPrivate::create at 0x7FFF43E35F23
*** 16 called from 0x00007FFF43E35F23 STACK 0x000000B26C15EE00 AddrReturn 0x0000000051AD4B3F
function: QGLContext::chooseContext at 0x51AD4B3F
*** 17 called from 0x0000000051AD4B3F STACK 0x000000B26C15EEC0 AddrReturn 0x0000000051AD5219
function: QGLContext::create at 0x51AD5219
*** 18 called from 0x0000000051AD5219 STACK 0x000000B26C15EF40 AddrReturn 0x0000000051ADA7D2
function: QGLWidget::setContext at 0x51ADA7D2
*** 19 called from 0x0000000051ADA7D2 STACK 0x000000B26C15EF70 AddrReturn 0x0000000051AD6E24
function: QGLWidgetPrivate::initContext at 0x51AD6E24
*** 20 called from 0x0000000051AD6E24 STACK 0x000000B26C15EFC0 AddrReturn 0x0000000051AD1B86
function: QGLWidget::QGLWidget at 0x51AD1B86
*** 21 called from 0x0000000051AD1B86 STACK 0x000000B26C15F000 AddrReturn 0x00007FF6A38DC884
function: OpenGLWidget::OpenGLWidget at 0x7FF6A38DC884
*** 22 called from 0x00007FF6A38DC884 STACK 0x000000B26C15F040 AddrReturn 0x00007FF6A391BBB7
function: PVDRenderer::PVDRenderer at 0x7FF6A391BBB7
*** 23 called from 0x00007FF6A391BBB7 STACK 0x000000B26C15F0C0 AddrReturn 0x00007FF6A38C1B85
function: PVDMainWindow::PVDMainWindow at 0x7FF6A38C1B85
*** 24 called from 0x00007FF6A38C1B85 STACK 0x000000B26C15F120 AddrReturn 0x00007FF6A38B0225
function: main at 0x7FF6A38B0225
*** 25 called from 0x00007FF6A38B0225 STACK 0x000000B26C15F250 AddrReturn 0x00007FF6A3996DD4
function: WinMain at 0x7FF6A3996DD4
filename: c:\users\qt\work\qt\qtbase\src\winmain\qtmain_win.cpp, line 104
*** 26 called from 0x00007FF6A3996DD4 STACK 0x000000B26C15F850 AddrReturn 0x00007FF6A399601A
function: __scrt_common_main_seh at 0x7FF6A399601A
filename: d:\agent_work\1\s\src\vctools\crt\vcstartup\src\startup\exe_common.inl, line 288
*** 27 called from 0x00007FF6A399601A STACK 0x000000B26C15F8E0 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF9D8A7C24
function: BaseThreadInitThunk at 0x7FFF9D8A7C24
*** 28 called from 0x00007FFF9D8A7C24 STACK 0x000000B26C15F920 AddrReturn 0x00007FFF9E70D721
function: RtlUserThreadStart at 0x7FFF9E70D721
*** 29 called from 0x00007FFF9E70D721 STACK 0x000000B26C15F950 AddrReturn 0x0000000000000000
function: RtlUserThreadStart at 0x7FFF9E70D721
*** 30 called from 0x00007FFF9E70D721 STACK 0x000000B26C15F950 AddrReturn 0x0000000000000000

Hi @chris.pons ,

can you please share the version numbers of Unreal and PVD? Where did you download the app from?

Most current versions of PVD are 4.1 on github and version 5 which is integrated to Omniverse.

It might be a simple incompatibility issue.

The versions I tried were from Download Center | NVIDIA Developer these version crashed when starting PVD:

Version 3.2016.04 is the one that worked for me.

Hello @chris.pons ,

I would highly recommend to check out the links I shared above for the updated versions and usage instructions for the Physx SDK. There have been significant changes since version 3 and earlier integration to Unreal Engine and verson 3 support is EOL.

Judging from the call stack it looks like you are missing some debug libraries related to Visual Studio or VSC. It might also be connected to some wrong initialization defaulting to the Microsoft Display Adapter instead of the NVIDIA GPU. Maybe this thread on github could help you with that.

But I really suggest to try and upgrade to newer versions of the SDK. You are missing out on a lot of new features and improvements.

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