PVF 16.10 and profiling

Is profiling code simply not supported for PVF 16.10? I got the profiler (pgprof.exe) to run, but the reports it generates don’t have subprogram names, just “$$$” instead.

Would profiling work under 19.4 or 19.5? Maybe I should install the current Community Edition?

Hi ldoose,

Apologies for missing your post.

The “???” are placeholders for unknown symbol names. Typically these are coming from the system DLLs.

Can you try looking at a “top-down” view rather than the default “bottom-up”? My best guess is that your program is spending a lot of time external DLLs so in a “bottom-up” view, the unknown symbols appear first. In “top-down”, you should see you’re program’s symbols first, with the DLL calls listed under these.

See section 2.4.5 of the PGPROF guide for more details on CPU views: https://www.pgroup.com/doc/pgprof16ug.pdf

Hope this helps,