PVF accelerator: error messages

I’m a newbie to GPGPU.

when I run my code on PVF(accelerator), I encounter two error messages:

  1. at the compiling state:

pgfortran-Warning–Mipa is not supported for this target

  1. when the compiled code is running:

cupti64.dll not found

I’m not sure what I should do to deal with these errors.

Any advise or comment would be appreciated.


Hi AK,

We removed IPA support from Windows as of the 16.3 release. Though it does appear that engineering accidentally left it as an option to PVF. I’ve asked that PVF be updated. The compilers will still accept the flag, but just issue the warning you see. This should not effect your code.

“cupti64.dll” is the NVIDIA profiling library. We load this when a user sets “PGI_ACC_TIME=1” in their environment to obtain basic GPU profile information.

Are you running your application from a DOS command window and have PGI_ACC_TIME=1 set? In this case you need to make sure that “C:\Program Files\PGI\win64\2016\cuda\7.5\bin” is in your DOS PATH environment variable so the OS can find the cupti64.dll. Your PGI install should have a preconfigured DOS cmd shell that you can use which sets the PATH.

Note that lack of “cupti64.dll” shouldn’t effect your run, except that no profile information will be provided.

Hope this helps,