PVF Compiler errors


I’m new to PVF and Portland Group products.

Trying to build a source code that was successfuly built by Intel Fortran 9.1.

Here is my system configuration :
AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+
Windows Vista Ultimate x64 build 6000
Visual Studio 2005 SP1

I have created a PVF x64 console application, included sources and tried to compile. Compiled successfuly (with themendous number of conversion warnings) in Debug Configuration. Very good. Next, trying to build up a Release. Turning the Fortran->Optimization->Inlining = Yes produces the following errors :

Internal compiler error. readin_func:can’t scan 1st line 711
Internal compiler error. readin_func:can’t scan 1st line 552
(…and more simular errors)

Moreover, turning Fortran->Optimization->Optimization = -fastsse makes the program to produce wrong results. However, Release with all optimizations tured on, except optimization and inlining, works fine. But too slow :(

PVF x86 console application produces no wrong results, but inlining error remains.

Please, help to find out the reason why optimization makes wrong code and what to do with inlining. Maybe there is something I’m doing wrong or what to draw attention to?


Hi Marcus,

Can you please send the code where it gets and Internal compiler error to trs@pgroup.com? Which version of PVF are you using? It is possible that there is a bug in our compilers with optimization or inlining.


Hello, Hongyon,

Thanks for your reply.

I’m using PGF90/x86-64 version 7.0-4

Ok, I’ve extracted a small piece of code reproducing the problem. Emailed it with a short description.

…And what is about the wrong optimized code? Maybe source code contains some x64 portability issues?


I am not really sure why optimization code causes an error. It’s possible that it is portability issue or it could be a bug in compiler.


Ok, thank you. Maybe I should check the variables kinds - it could cause unexpected conversions.

Inlining problem was not solved too. Support Team said there are no errors in compilation of my code. Suppose, they’re compiling on Linux. I’ve answered with two screenshots with error messages and the build log. There are no more replies from them.


I have asked the support team and they should respond to you as soon as they find or know what the problem is.