PvS or MCS


I’m just starting to look at an XenDesktop configuration for vGPU. Is there a preference for the desktop orchestration tool? I read somewhere that PvS wasn’t supported, but that was probably for an older version.

If supported, PvS would be much preferred so Private Disks can be used. Cache to RAM with overflow as well.

Are there any considerations during the provisioning tasks? Presumably you let PvS create new desktops from a template that had a vGPU passed through to it, and assign the vGPUs to the newly created VMs via XenCenter before powering them up. Or are there additional steps required to ensure the vGPU is ful


Should work either way – it has nothing to do with the provisioning mechanism. Either GPU passthrough or vGPU assignments are possible. We use MCS because it’s (1) easier, (2) cheaper (no extra provisioning server(s) needed), (3) we use thin provisioning already with a caching storage server, so already get great I/O performance.

P.S. Yes, cache to RAM with overflow to disk would be nice, and will probably come to MCS eventually.