PWM as camera trigger in TX2


We have a customer that created a camera board that requires a trigger signal, we are thinking about using one of the PWM signals available in TX2 to control the framerate, for instance, for 30fps we would generate a 30Hz signal with the PWM. Do you know if this is possible with one of the PWMs available in TX2?

Checking the TRM, table 441, makes me wonder if the only option to achieve 30Hz with a PWM is if we use GPIO_DIS5, is this correct? Do you know if other PWMs could operate in a lower frequency?

Do you know if there is other way to generate a 30Hz signal from the TX2 to control the camera?


Yes, please follow the freq range in TRM.

Is there someway to get 30Hz?

No other way but GPIO_DIS5 output.