PWM on the Jetson Nano 2GB, manufacturers component number of the clock divider/PWM?

I am looking for detailed information on the 4 channel clock divider/PWM component in the Jetson Nano 2GB. Best would be the manufacturers component number which lets me look for the datasheet.

I know how to do simple PWM from Python with GPIO.PWM(pin, frequency) on pin 32 (pwm0) and pin 33 (pwm2).

I hope that the 4 channel clock divider/PWM offers more features than provided by the Python library Jetson.GPIO (e.g. interrupts, masking of outputs, inverse signal).

Greetings, Reinhard

Hi, you can read the TRM first.

Thank you for the reply. The technical reference manual helps me a lot.

Greetings, Reinhard

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