PWM setup

I am simply trying to setup up PWM output signals on the Jetson Nano. I have been following the guide on the NVIDIA website provided at:

Configuring the 40-pin expansion header

I am having an enormous amount of trouble with this guide. Alternatively, I’ve seen people configure the expansion header through a python script at $ sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/ , but when I do this I am only given the option to configure the CSI camera connectors. Is there a way to get a newer version of so that I can configure the 40-pin expansion header as well and finally get simple PWM output? Please advise.

hello coby.whitmore,

are you using Nano production module? i.e. with internal eMMC version.
Jetson-IO only support with SD card version, which is a developer kit.

please access pinmux spreadsheets, you may see-also pinmux changes session for the instructions to customize the pinmux spreadsheet.
you should have pinmux configuration to set the pin as PWM, then you’ll able to use it.

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