PWM works on pin 33 but not pin 32 on Dev Kit


I have trouble getting PWM output on Pin 32 on the Xavier NX dev kit.

I configured the Pin 32 and Pin 33 with /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/
Pin 33 works as expected using the jetson-gpio library.
But Pin 32 seems half on and sometimes on in an erractic pattern. Also when checking the tool, the Pin sometimes says “gp” instead of “pwm8”.

Udev rules are configured according to the documentation in jetson-gpio.

Any hints on how to get Pin 32 working with PWM?


hello robo_chris82,

please refer to Jetson Xavier NX GPIO Header J12 PINOUT.
you should also check pinmux spreadsheets, pin-32 is by default configure as GPIO pin, please also refer to pinmux changes to configure pin32 as PWM pin,

Are you saying that the provided tool does not work for Pin 32 on the NX, just for Pin 33?
Pin 33 is also is by default a GPIO pin, and the tool created a .dtb file that worked just fine to enable PWM on Pin 33.

hello robo_chris82,

you may check the board configuration files, could you please share the results of pinmux.0x0243d030=.
BTW, according to Topic 121192, PWM is works by updated pinmux table on Xavier NX.