Pwmcontroller isaac

Hi, does anybody knows how ti use the pwmcontroller with the pca9685, the connection with the xavier and how It works???

Hi a01769322,

You can get started by connecting the PCA9685 to either of the two I2C buses on the Xavier GPIO Expansion Header:

After setting up the hardware, you can deploy the sample application to your Xavier with ./engine/build/ -p //apps/samples/pwm:pwm-pkg -h <YOUR_XAVIER_IP> -d jetpack43 to run an example PWM driver. (See the Isaac docs for deploying and running on Jetson]. Make sure to configure the i2c_device_num parameter of the PwmController component to match what you see in /dev/i2c-X .

Documentation for the PwmController component can be found here.

Thanks for using Isaac. Please let me know if you have other questions.