px2 crashed when init the gmsl camera

Hi,guys,Nvidia engineers :
I am using the ar0231 sensor on the PX2.After i runing three cameras which pluged in group A on TegraA,and i try run these three cameras in slave mode on Tgera B.Mostly it works very well. But it has high frequency of occurrence make the PX2 Tegra B crash(sometimes TegraA)!!!,and i tracking the log found it alway break at ref_max9286_96705_ar0231.c line 591

LOG_DBG("%s: Set all serializer Preemphasis setting\n", __func__);

And ,there is a comment : /* Bug 1850534 */ ,is that bug make the PX2 crash?? how can i track the bug number?
guys ,help!, emergency !!!,

Dear Jack,
My apologies for the confusion. That bug number has nothing to do with this issue.
Could you please give details(like camera details, command, sample code ) about your setup and steps to reproduce this issue on our side.

Thanks for your replay.I am using the SDK5.0.5.0 sample code.Sometime it will crashed at the function named SetupVideoLink when i launch the program .May be at SetupVideoLink or at CaputreInit.

Hi wangxuhui,

Have you moved to PDK Can issue still be reproduced or it’s not an issue anymore?