PX2 Drive : Number of Ethernet ports available

Dear Sir/Mdm,

May I know how many Ethernet ports available for connection to a network?

I read from the data sheets that there is one on cable harness connector (48pin).

There is a second Ethernetport on top of USB3.0 ports for Tegra A and B.
Is this second Ethernet port available for connection to a network?

Hello AL-AMR,

We provide DrivePX2 Hands-on deck via https://developer.nvidia.com/driveworks/getting-started-with-drivepx2.
So could you please access the link and try to get the docs?
Then you can find DPX2 network configuration at #17 page in detail. Thanks.

SteveNV FYI. Above link is dead


Can you direct me to another active link then?

Thank you…

Hi all,

Because of last “.”.
Please try to access https://developer.nvidia.com/driveworks/getting-started-with-drivepx2