PxCloth: How to set spring's rest-length?

Hi, there, I know that rest-length is automatically created by the cooker, which is decided by the PxClothMeshDesc, but I’m just wondering if I can set the rest-length of two particles manually.
i.e. Is there any function like this: PxCloth::setRestLength(size_t particle_index_1, size_t particle_index_2) ?

Thanks for help.

PS:I’m currently doing a project about virtual fitting: several pieces of cloths, I sew them together on a human body.

Hello Horswing, have you managed to to this? Or maybe add a constraint between two particles?

Hi @paghdv, thanks for replying. What you’ve mentioned is a compromise. It works, but increase the time complexity of PhysX. In my opion, there should be some APIs to do this, if there ISNOT, there should be in the future.
Thanks again.