PXE boot with jetpack5.0.1


I’m testing PXE boot on Jetson Xavier NX board with jetpack 5.0.1 installed.

I’ve configured my host PC as a PXE server(using dnsmasq). When booting Xavier, I could interrupt the UEFI firmware and select the boot mode to be PXEv4. But during the boot sequence I got the following errors:

Start PXE over IPv4.
Station IP address is

Server IP address is
NBP filename is BOOTAA64.efi
NBP filesize is 69632 Bytes** WARNING: Test Key is used. **

Downloading NBP file…

NBP file downloaded successfully.

ProcessExtLinuxConfig: Unable to find partition info
L4TLauncher: Unable to process extlinux config: Not Found
BootAndroidStylePartition: Unable to located partition
Failed to boot kernel:0 partition

The BOOTAA64.efi file was copied from the BSP as I don’t know what else to provide as the NBP.

Does anyone have any input on this? Is PXE boot already supported in jetpack5.0.1?

No, it is not yet valdiated.

I see, thanks! Do you have plan to support any of the network boot options(TFTP, PXE, HTTP) in the upcoming releases? And do you have a date for it?

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