PXE boot

Is there a way to PXE boot Jetson TX1 out of the box, or the boot sequence has to be changed on the device?

I have not PXE booted a Jetson. You will get a lot of information though if you use a serial console and interrupt at the boot loader, followed by the “help” command. In particular, type these and see existing u-boot setup:

printenv bootcmd
printenv distro_bootcmd
printenv boot_targets

…note that you can continue boot with command “boot”, which essentially walks through those environment variables.

The on board USB Ethernet RTL8153 is not active in U-boot.
You could try to install a PCIE X1 Ethernet on PCIE X4 slot and enable PXE boot from there.

Thank you for your suggestions. @edli1983, suppose that I got with PCIE Eth, I still will have to configure uboot to try PXE before the on-board OS?

The u-boot “printenv” commands above basically shows current boot order. Saving an env entry edit would likely be all that is needed, but it would be best to check with the ethernet installed…very likely the required edits would be for ethernet address and PXE server info.