PXE massflash on R35.4

Hi, NVIDIA experts,
I saw that R35.4 supports PXE as a boot way on Jetson. Dose this release version support PXE to flash devices? If not, is it likely to be supported in the future?

PXE is only for boot. Jetsons don’t have an actual BIOS, this is all in software. What recovery mode does is to put the Jetson in a special mode whereby it becomes a custom USB device (and the part of the flash software which talks to that is appropriately named the “driver package”). Recovery mode has no ability to use PXE, so it is not possible. About the only way one would be able to use this for flash is if a future Jetson has an actual BIOS, or if the UEFI is adapted in very complicated ways.

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Hi fa1053,

To flash the board, it seems not supporting PXE.
You could use debian-based or image-based OTA to update the board or using USB to flash the board in force-recovery state.

Thanks for your explanation.

Thanks for your reply.

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