PxSimulationEventCallback::onTrigger isn't called when using APEX Destructible Module

After upgrading from PhysX V3.2.1 / APEX V1.2.1 to PhysX V3.3.1 / APEX V1.3.1, I noticed that I did not receive any onTrigger calls in my PxSimulationEventCallback implementation. onContact was working fine, but I didn’t get any onTrigger messages. The triggers were setup correctly, and in my filter shader they were detected using PxFilterObjectIsTrigger. When debugging I noticed that the filter shader properly detects another shape entering the trigger shape. But then setting the pairFlags to “eTRIGGER_DEFAULT” did not result on onTrigger being called, instead nothing happened.

After some time I figured out that this is actually caused by the APEX destructible module. When I create the destructible module in my application, the onTrigger callback isn’t called any more. I don’t even need to use the module in any way, just creating the module seems enough to cause the bug. I already tried implementing the new “physX3Interface” member of the APEX scene descriptor, I wasn’t sure if it was mandatory now, but that didn’t help either. But if I do not create the destructible module at all, onTrigger is called properly and everything works as expected.

I am also using APEX Cloth, but that is working fine and doesn’t cause this trouble.

Any ideas?