PxVehicledriveTank left and right thrust value for turning

i’d like to ask that since Physx provides the tank vehicle implmentation, why not give any tank sample.
one problem about tank has confused me for a long time, should i assign how much thrust value when in turn and drive state simutaneously?
if i use 0 for left and 1 for right, the tank will accelerate rapidly, even the speed exceeds the max speed which i set for drive state
if i use -1 for left and 1 for right, the tank will slow down for a little, but when i pressed the forward key, it will never get accelerated.

note: i know that when i just want to turn, i can set -1 for left thrust and 1 for right thrust, it works well, there’s no any problem about it, which confused me is that when i want to turn and drive the tank simutaneously, namely when “w” key and “a” key are both pressed, should i assign how much value to the five input variable: analogaccel, left thrust, right thrust, left brake, right brake.

i would very appreciate for your help! PhysX SDK 3.3.1

PhysX SDK 3.3.2 includes ‘Snippet Vehicle Tank’, have you looked at that?

Yes watched, but there values are enforced. Maybe there is some example of the tank, except Snippet Vehicle Tank

I’m afraid we don’t have a more advanced Tank sample than that snippet right now. I believe that tank drive is integrated into UE4. I’ll put it on the wish list for an upcoming version.

Thank you very much for the reply. I will wait with impatience, it’s very cool, thanks again!!!