pycuda: Missing libdevice file for compute_30.


my setup is as follows:
hardware: x86_64, GeForce GTX 650
software: CentOS 7, kernel 3.10.0-693.2.2

I installed nvidia drivers and cudatoolkit 9.0 from nvidia web site, then installed pycuda and numba over python3.4. Installation path is /usr/local/cuda/nvvm

While evaluating a python program, I get
RuntimeError: Missing libdevice file for compute_30.
Please ensure you have package cudatoolkit 7.5.
Install package by:

conda install cudatoolkit=7.5

It seems the driver is searching for a file with name libcompute30.bc; the only installed file is /usr/local/cuda/nvvm/libdevice/libdevice.10.bc

Did something fail during the isntallation ? Is there some way to get rebuild the missing drivers ?



I have the same issue when I try to use the @vectorize decorator.

Did you ever get a resolution, Pascal?

Thanks, John.

you installed CUDA 9 but your numba and/or pycuda install are expecting CUDA toolkit 7.5

Yeah, thats it alright!

I am using the NVidia CUDA AMI: AWS Marketplace: NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 7.5 on Amazon Linux

Not sure how 9.0 got on there but I think it was pre-installed with the instance. When I went to downgrade to 7.5, ran into package problems.

Solution was to uninstall Anaconda completely, reinstall it and then install the toolkit explicitly choosing version 7.5

conda install cudatoolkit=7.5