Pyrealsense2 & opencv throw Illegal instruction ( core dumped )

Hey guys I recently got the Jetson so I began installing some packages to get to work with the intelrealsense 435 camera. Here is a photo of my nano specs

The whole point of these installs is to work with the following script but this is what I get

For cv2

For pyrealsense2

When I try to run them separetely on the terminal I get this subsequently

Can someone point out to me what the errors are and how to fix them please ? I would kindly appreciate any feedback.


Please upgrade firmware and check if you can launch the camera in realsense viewer. We have seen issues with D435 and after upgrading firmware, it works fine. Please refer to
RealSenseD400 Camera can not work on Jetson Xavier NX - #17 by ShaneCCC