Python 3.7

How can we install Python 3.7 with OpenCV and all the good GPU acceleration?

Are there compile scripts?

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I have the same issue. I managed to install Python 3.7. But I cannot install OpenCV 4.0.0.

OpenCV is up to 4.1 now, BTW :-)

The nano_build_opencv script worked pretty well for me. It installs Open CV 4.1.0 with CUDA and a few other small optimizations.

Thank you!

I am new in Linux systems. I could not install python 3.7, OpenCV 4 and QT5. Can you help me to install this software? I developed my software and GUI in Windows environment and, I need to adopt it to Jetson Nano.

The python install should not matter too much, just build it from source. Then make sure that you install the GPU accelerated numpy/OpenCV on it.

I’m glad you like it :)

Please report any issues.

Yes. 3.6 is fine, but a build from source for 3.7 is not necessary since it’s in the Ubuntu packages repositories already.

If you want 3.7, install it and it’s headers (headers required for opencv build) with:

sudo apt install python3.7-dev

Then re-run the build script and it may see python3.7 as well… Or it may pick 3.6 or 3.7. I haven’t tested. If you do, please report back.

Edit: in process of testing, updating system (gonna be a while, this is a new image).

Edit: came back and it was prompting for keyboard choice and I have an appointment, so it’s gonna be a bit more.

Edit: watching the configuration phase of the build… it’s using 3.6. It probably needs the path to 3.7 manually specified. I may add it to the script later if others ask for it.

Pretty please!

Why do you want 3.7?

Thank for all!
I am going to try above. I hope that Installing OpenCV will be much easier. There is a firewall problem at my University. To access other websites, I need to access user login screen but, Chromium Web Browser does not support it. I need to find another place where I can connect my Jetson Nano with wire.

Re: 3.7 I was told our camera library needed it.

FYI: In order to link opencv, I had to change to run level 3, which kills X, thereby free up a gig of ram. Might want to make note of that. (2500MB free before, 3500MB after)

That sounds suspicious. Can you confirm with your camera library’s documentation? If there is a genuine need, I’ll add it in.

Re: killing x, yes that is a good step, especially if don’t have a swap file activated and large enough. Your build will probably go faster.


Hope this is still relevant… (1 year later)
Since jason1c087 didn’t answer… I was hoping to use OpenCV using python3.7 because I am trying to work with AWS Greengrass which supports 3.7 only. Well, to be more precise, they support 2.7 and 3.7.

I tried the command but it didn’t end up installing for 3.7, would you be able to add 3.7 to the script? Would be very appreciated.

Thank you,

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