Python-deepstream-lpr app tcpserver sink

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• Hardware Platform (Jetson)
**• DeepStream Version 6.0
**• TensorRT Version8.0
• Issue Type( questions)

I want to show deepstream alpr app (python version) on localhost with tcpserver sink. However the pipeline below doesn’t work and queue8 with mpegtsmux and queue9 with nvosd can not be linked. Its worth mentioning that previously I managed to send data with tcpserverlink to localhost but it was in binary format ( I think?!! ) so I must use mpegtsmux.
I am fairly new with gstreamer and its pipelines so if you could tell me what I am doing wrong and how can I make this pipeline work so that it send frames to localhost I’ll be grateful .

thanks for your time.

ps. modified code is attached below (31.2 KB)

I don’t think the YUV data can be TS ES stream. MPEG transport stream - Wikipedia You need a video compression before you mux the video into TS stream. It is just basic common multimedia knowledhe. It has nothing to do with deepstream. Please make sure to have basic knowledge and coding skills for multimedia and gstreamer before starting with deepstream.

you are right. but now it would be a great help if you could correct my pipeline.

Please refer to gstreamer community. mpegtsmux (
It has nothing to do with deepstream.

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