Python Feature Request : get stage state


I would like to know if there is a function to get the current state of the stage.
For current state I would like to have all the current prim in the stage and the related parameter in a nice dictionary.

Is there already something like this ?

I am not a super expert of python so would be cool to have something like :
stage = …
stage.getCurrentState() and this should return a dictionary or a python object.


@Simplychanable. Thank you. traverse is what i was looking for.
I also find pxr.Sdf.primSpec this should give a dictionary with name of attributes and values . But i am not able to make it work. Since it wants a layer object.
Step by step getting in there.
I am pritty new to all this Usd API, so really a big thanks to you!!!
Traverse is a big step forward.

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