python function for C++ ISAAC_POSE3 macro

Hi, I would like to read the pose tree in a python script. I noticed that there is an ISAAC_POSE3 macro that can be used in C++ to read a pose, but I couldn’t find a corresponding one in pyalice. I was wondering if there is such a python function for reading pose in python script. Thank you.

Unfortunately there is no function to access the PoseTree in python at this time.

We are working on adding more support to pycodelet for the next release.

Is there any update on this?

I am not sure what happen to pycodelet, maybe Yang will know better.

Hi, @davis,

We have pose tree support in Isaac now. Please refer to sdk/packages/pyalice/tests/ and use test_pose() code as example.
In short we could get pose using application.atlas.pose("frame1", "frame2", time).