Python IDE doesn't see opencv-python package on my Jetson Nano

I’m using a Jetson Nano, which has a arm64 architecture. The Python IDE I’m using is Thonny. I wasn’t able to install the opencv-python package on Thonny directly because of the architecture of the Jetson Nano so I had to build opencv from source. I followed this guide:

But now when I do import cv2 as cv on Thonny it says ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cv2' so it’s like it doesn’t see opencv is installed, how can I do so that Thonny sees the opencv package has been installed?

hi gawew23216:
could you import opencv in python correctly without Thonny? or just Thonny failed?

Couple things…

First check which python you are using and test it outside of thonny.

From console, enter


this will open a python console

enter: import cv2

if that returns an error then exit with exit()

launch a python3 console with python3

then enter: import cv2

If one of them succeeds, you can use that python version in thonny with opencv. If they both fail then the libs aren’t installed correctly.

Start with this before you chase problems in thonny.

hi spacebaseone:
with Jetson SW installed by Jectpack, opencv is included ,opencv-python should be used without more compiled work. after you installed ,opencv-python cannot be used?