Python IDE with EC2 Isaac-Sim Cloud


I’m running Isaac-Sim IDE over Cloud on a 2xLarge EC2 from AWS, using Streaming Client to have a display.
my question is:
How to get access to the python code in examples? there’s no IDE that opens.


here is what i’m trying to do exactly:
Using Isaac-Sim on EC2, with the Isaac-Sim image from AWS.
I’l trying to follow the Hello World tutorial deom the documentations:

buyt when i try to get access to the code by clicking the Open Source Code button in the extension window, i get this error:

please help.
basically, i nee to know how to program Isaac-sim (Cloud deploy to AWS EC2) to have access to the python codes and use the hot-reset functionalities.


Hi. You can edit the python via terminal editors like nano and vim. I you want to use VSCode with containers in the cloud, I would recommend installing it on your client then remote into the container using SSH tunneling.

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