Python rtsp gstCamera

Hello, i’m trying tto use these example :

in Terminal I do :

python3 --camera ‘rtsp://admin:xxx@’

it fail and give me just few data :

[gstreamer] initialized gstreamer, version
[gstreamer] gstCamera::Create(‘rtsp://admin:xxx@’) – invalid > camera device requested
camera = jetson.utils.gstCamera(opt.width, opt.height,
Exception: jetson.utils – failed to create gstCamera device

I don’t found any explaination for jetson.utils.gstCamera

I’m able to connect and read a frame of my camera with openCV, so the link and the camera are ok.
I’m missing for something.

Thank you !

The camera is CSI camera. On Jetson Nano, you can connect Raspberry PI camera V2 and try again.

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Hi, what the moderator tried to say is that apparently you can’t use rtsp with that program, just a physical camera connected to the nano. The rtsp part you should do it yourself, but you have many components for that: is one example.

Best regards.


Hello drakorg and DanrLLL, thabk you for your quick reponse.
I miss that point.
I will try rtsp lib.
I Need to choose the fastest of the 3.
So I will try them.

One last point, is therr any documentation for the jetson library, in particular jetson.utils and jetson.inference ?

Thank you again !