Python script iGPU to dGPU missing (Additional SDK Clara Holoscan missing)


I am unable to find the python script that would allow me to switch to the dGPU. As I read in the Kit User Guide, this script is supposed to be in the folder /usr/local/bin on the Clara Hologram platform, therefore the folder contains only
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 22 Feb 1 14:43 nsys → /etc/alternatives/nsys*

All the components have been properly installed with the SDK Manager.
Am I missing something?
Thanks for your help in advance.


The script should be located in /usr/local/bin after installation, and also should be in /opt/nvidia/clara-holoscan-sdk/clara-holoscan-tools/bin/. Could you check if it is at least in the second location?


Thank you for your reply.
The folder /opt/nvidia/clara-holoscan-sdk/ doesn’t exist.

I also previously tried to find the python script file using “find” command on the Clara Holoscan platform, therefore no result.
I guess the Clara Holoscan SDK is not installed, therefore it is not listed in the SDK Manager…

When I launch the SDK Manager, in the Step 1, I have :
Product Category : Jetson
Hardware config: Host machine (is ticked) and Target Hardware : Clara AGX Developer Kit modules (ticked as well)
Target Operating System : Linux JetPack 4.5.1 (rev 1)
Additional SDKS : DeepStream (which I also ticked)

In the guide "Install Clara Holoscan Software with SDK Manager, I can see more kits available there as RiverMax and Clara Holoscan, which are not available in my case.

If I am correct and that it is not the Clara Holoscan SDK missing, how can I install it knowing it is not available in the SDK Manager?

What is your SDKManager version? Perhaps it needs updating before it shows all available “Additional SDKs”. It definitely should show all 3: DeepStream 5.1 (don’t select), Rivermax (select), and Clara Holoscan (select).

The SDK Mananger version is
Where can I get the last version?

1.7.2 seems actually to be the last version

That version should be okay. Just to check, did you log into SDKManager with an account that has joined the developer program? NVIDIA Clara Holoscan SDK Program | NVIDIA Developer

Thanks a lot! I took for granted I had joined as a developer therefore was not the case.
After joining and relogging, Clara Holoscan SDK is now available.

Great to hear that you’re now able to get started!

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