Python Script to detection of webcams & Wifi settings

I am using jetson Orion nano along with the mobilenet SSD V2 , for detection of the humans. Below are the 2 cases for which i am stuck.

  1. The algorithm works fine. Is there any script to identify the no of webcams connected to the jetson Orion
  2. Is there any script to push the jetson Orion Acess Point wifi mode , along with the wifi settings like IP address , subnet, gateway .I tried using submodule , which works great for getting and setting the basic wifi with ssid and password but unable to configure the wifi of jetson nano for IP, subnet , gateway settings .

Pls do help me out if any one has better approach, for the above issued to be resolved.


If your source is v4l2 camera source, you can check number of /dev/videoX to know how many cameras are connected.

This would need other users to share experience. Not sure if exeuting $ ifconfig command can print out the information you need.

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