[Q] How to compile our code in Cross-compile environment on Drive PX2?

I met a problem when I use the Drive PX2.

I developed inference code using TensorRT-4.1.2.
I verified execution on Host PC and Jetson TX2.

And I also verified normal execution on Drive PX2 when I compile the our code in native compile directly.

I tried cross-compile because I want to use camera by driveworks.
But I failed.

Could you tell me how to set the CMakeLists.txt files for cross-compile?
I will verify my CMakeLists.txt and setting enviroments.

So, Can you tell me for setting guide in cross-compile environments?

And I have Second Question.

Second question is a simple.
I don’t want to cross-compile.
But, I still have used cross-compile because I must access the LVDS camera device.

Could you tell me the camera access methods without driveworks and cross-compile?


Hi Cham,

did you have a look into the DW documentation for X-compilation already?

You do usually find it in:


Other than you can access the camera via the IPP framework using NVMedia; see the nvmipp_raw sample:

Hope that helps.

  • Fabian