Q: NUMA support?

Hi Mat,

In the release notes for 6.2 on page 29 in the table on ‘features and operating systems’, it mentions that SLES 10.0 and SuSE 10.1 support NUMA libraries for optimized placement of data in memory, but FC5, for example, does not.

What is required by PGI for proper NUMA allocation on these platforms where, by default, this is not supported? Is it as simple as a new kernel with NUMA features enabled, or a more up-to-date libnuma/numactl?

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  • Brian

(This is for a multi-core Opteron system)

Following up on this with another question (or, presumably, pointing out a typo?):

The release notes say, in the same table mentioned above, that SLES 10 does not support NPTL, but the SuSE website shown below seems to counter this:

(See first section)

I assume, then, that PGI is NPTL-aware on SLES 10?


  • Brian

Hi Brian,

I think they’re both typo since I believe FC5 supports NUMA and SLES10 supports NPTL. I created a technical problem report (TPR#3957) and have asked our documentation writers to investigate.

Thanks for the report,