Q: On the Test Drive, can I install my own applications or use my own data?

Yes. However, we have preloaded the desktop with some demo content so that you can quickly evaluate the experience. If you wish to use your own data or install your own application we suggest you install Google Drive, Dropbox or Amazon cloud drive to your trial desktop. You can also drag and drop files from your local machine to the GRID Workspace application. Note however that after 24 hours the desktop will be destroyed and all data on the desktop will be lost. Your cloud storage will remain intact.

This wasn’t the case for me. I was dropped often, and when I re-entered, everything was gone.

Where were you connecting from? My assumption is that whatever bandwidth issue was occurring finally timed out your session and it reset, deleting the desktop.

How can we get 24hours Access? After 2hours the time expired?

Due to popular demand we limited access to 2 hours of streaming which can be used over several days.

If you need longer access for evaluation purposes please contact GRIDTestDrive@nvidia.com.