Q. possible display performance degrade? display degrade at the cost of CUDA code

Hi all,

Is there any display degrade when we are executing CUDA coded programs?

I am about to use CUDA codes. I am wondering if I should assume this kind of
video performance degrade. For example, the display is supposed to be fixed to the low resolution mode during CUDA execution.
I hope that it won’t affect any display performance.

I will appreciate your replies.


s. jo

Well, unless you’re using close to the memory capacity of the device, I wouldn’t imagine there would be any problems. In any case, I think the display driver overrides CUDA functionality, and your CUDA program would crash before the display was affected.

See the section of the CUDA programming guide under “Mode Switches”.

Thank you for note.

According to the section of “Mode Switches”, CUDA program can not be protected when display mode is switched, as you said.

Accutally, I was thinking about some real-time applications of CUDA program.

The instability may be substantial…

s. jo

You should look at Tesla.

Or run the CUDA application on a different device than the display.

What does Tesla change?

Tesla is not sensitive to video mode changes (no display can be attached to it), so you don’t have to worry about handling this stuff in your code.

How’s that different from just not turning on x, or not attaching a monitor, or, at the very least, not playing full-screen video games on your server?

It’s the same, I suppose.

That is why Tesla does not show up in the video catagory of on-lline shop, I see.

Thank you for all responses.