QNX BSP for Pegasus and/or Xavier dev kit

Hello, Dear NVIDIA team,

Currently I am responsible to evaluate QNX on NVIDIA Pegasus (and/or Drive AGX Xavier board).

I have contacted BlackBerry, they mentioned I will need to contact NVIDIA to get QNX BSP. So, please let me know how to proceed to get the QNX BSP from NVIDIA?


I also contacted the local sales from NVIDIA. He asked me to post this question here. I hope someone will let me know.


Dear charlie.zhao,

Could you send me the information of the NV sales person you contacted via PM? Thanks.

I still do not know how to get QNX BSP. Please help.

Dear charlie.zhao,

I’m checking it internally will update once I get update. Thanks.

Hi charlie.zhao,

While Nvidia delivers the QNX BSP / SDK for DRIVE Platform, the partner must have a valid QNX Developer License (QDL). Please contact your region Nvidia representative for further information.


Thanks for the information.

However, I am really confused.

We contacted QNX (blackberry) first. They said we need to ask nvidia for the qnx bsp. Then we asked the nvidia representative for our company. He told me to ask this question here. Now I was told to go back to the representative?

Hi charlie.zhao,

Our representative should be contacting with you for how to get the QNX BSP, please be sure to have valid QNX Developer License (QDL) first.


Hi I wish to get the QNX BSP as well. How do I go about getting them? Thank you.

Please contact with your nvidia representive to discuss this. Let us know if still have problems. Thanks!

HI, I don’t have one, are you able to help me link up?

Dear @lkianjo2,
I will escalate your request to concerned BD team.

Hi is there progress?

Dear @lkianjo2,
We have already escalated your request to concerned team and they will contact you soon