QoS and Trace Local Events (tle) at the Server

I am presently facing an issue of not being able to record the trace of local events (-tle) at the server end and also the trace QoS stats

I have created the CloudXRServerOptions.txt and as the launch option have put “-tle” in the .txt file. After that I start the testserver.exe and then connect the client to the server.

What I have observed: when I launch the SteamVR at the server it automatically launches another TestServer and disregards the CloudXRServerOptions.txt and the .json is not created.

Any insight on how to overcome this issue?

Are log files getting created at all? if not, that might indicate a permission issue on the machine.

Separately, when you say “TestServer”, that has a meaning internally as a tool we use for base verification, but it isn’t shipped in the sdk. So just trying to understand the use of that name. That app only takes commandline arguments, it doesn’t read the text file as far as I know.

SteamVR should launch, and when the CloudXR server starts it should read the options file. You will see in the “CloudXR Server - SteamVR” log file the line:
After that will be one of the two lines either
Read server options file at
WARNING: Failed to parse options file at

Which do you see?