QSPI binary Image for AGX Orin


I have one query regarding QSPI image. On below URL, I am seeing QSPI image for the Xavier NX SoM only.

There is no QSPI image available for the AGX Orin SoM. So can you please help me to resolve below queries:

  1. From where, I am able to download the QSPI image for AGX ORIN SoM?
  2. If we have to generate the QSPI image manually for AGX Orin SoM then what is the steps for the same?

Thank and regards

I’m not sure where you found it at that page.
The QSPI image is for Jetson module with SD card as a bootrom, such as Xavier NX and Nano SD card version module, and it’s flashed via the SDK manager.
There is no SD card on AGX Orin module, it’s not required to have a standalone QSPI image.


Thank you for the quick response. This is helpful for me. I have one more query regarding UEFI bootloader.

For AGX Orin and Xavier NX, UEFI bootloader is same or different? Where is its source code available for UEFI bootloader?

Thanks and regards

Source code is over this github.


Thank You for the quick response. Now I have last question about UEFI bootloader.

There is same UEFI bootloader used for Xavier NX and AGX Orin. Is this right understanding?

Thanks and regards

Yes, only one kind of bootloader here.


Thank You for clarifying my query.

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