QSPI image update: can't initialize libmtd

I’m attempting to update my QSPI image as described here: Flashing Support — Jetson Linux<br/>Developer Guide 34.1 documentation

When I do, there appears to be a problem with MTD on the latest software.

root@MarkIII:~# sudo flash_eraseall /dev/mtd0
flash_eraseall has been replaced by `flash_erase <mtddev> 0 0`; please use it
flash_erase: error!: can't initialize libmtd

I’ve even tried to load the mtd driver with no change:

kkersey@MarkIII:~$ lsmod | grep mtd
mtd                    69632  0
kkersey@MarkIII:~$ ls /dev/mtd*
ls: cannot access '/dev/mtd*': No such file or directory

I’d love some help on this one since it was working prior to upgrading.


Are you refer to a rel-34.1 document while you are actually using rel-35.2 release?

Yes. I’d like to update my QSPI image to the latest if/when there is an update.

Then please refer to correct version of document first…

Actually, I do think that’s the 35.1 document even though the link says 34.1, see the actual URL. This document contained general instructions on how to flash the QSPI image. While it could exist and the search couldn’t find it, I didn’t see any other instruction on flashing the QSPI.


This does not matter to me which document is in use. What matters is which jetpack version running on your device.

If you are using rel-34.1 on your device, then please check rel-34.1 document.

If that is rel-35.1, then refer to rel-35.1 doc.

And so does rel-35.2.

So did you figure out which release is running on your board or not? Please be aware that I don’t know your board as I am not on your side…

JetPack 5.1 - L4T 35.2.1

Looking at the documentation, that doesn’t appear to have changed.

If you only read the first page of the document, then of course it won’t have much change…

You need to refer to this part…

I appreciate the link. I was using the search function of the document to help find what I was looking for but I wasn’t finding it. I’ll go through this page.

BTW, Wayne, sorry if you feel I’ve wasted your time. I was just looking for some pointers. You seem a bit short and snarky this evening. Take it easy and all the best.

Sorry about it. Just too many requests coming today.

Another reminder here that the reason you cannot follow old jetpack release document is because we have removed the permission for kernel side to access QSPI for the sake of security.

Thus, actually that capsule update method (what you are reading now) is doing in bootloader (UEFI).

Thanks Wayne and I empathize with your evening. Yesterday at work was about the same for me.

That info on the bootloader changes makes a lot of sense and I appreciate the insight.

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