[QST] DW core logger supporting rolling/splitting log files based on file size?

Required Info:

  • Software Version
    DRIVE OS 6.0.6
  • Target OS
  • SDK Manager Version
  • Host Machine Version
    native Ubuntu Linux 20.04 Host installed with DRIVE OS DOCKER Containers

Describe the bug

In cgf we use drivewoks loglib to get many logfiles, such as launcher.log, ssm.log, and process_logs generated by loaderlite and so on.

the logger we used is this DriveWorks SDK Reference: Core Logger

but we didn’t see any functions about rolling/splitting log files based on file size and other.

Expected behavior

the log file will be splitted to many small size files.

Actual behavior

the log file size is incresing always and will bot be splitted according to the size.

Additional context

rolling/splitting is supported in glog.

Dear @lizhensheng,
In my knowledge, log split is not included. I will bring this to attention of core team and update you. Thanks

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